I consulted Mr V Malik in August 2015 when I was suffering with frequent & severe nose bleeds and was in need of expert diagnosis and treatment. At my first appointment he immediately instilled confidence in me, putting me at ease and impressing me with his thorough professional assessment. Later consultations and treatment consolidated my opinion of his professional expertise.

He is highly regarded as an exceptional surgeon, pioneering new procedures in addition to existing ones. I have also learned of his special skills, as an innovative surgeon, which makes his services much sought after. He should go far and deservedly so, I shall always be grateful.”

Letter from a verified patient with recurrent nose bleeds
Verified patient with long standing throat pain

I researched Mr Malik on the Internet to help me with recurring problem I have had for many years. I noticed how he valued patient’s care and professionalism. Mr Malik is a very caring professional and takes time to get to the root of the problem. However long you are sat there in the consultation you feel you are not rushed to talk things over.

The way Mr Malik treated me was with great care and total professionalism from the very start.

Verified patient who underwent nose job
Verified patient who underwent Surgery for Sinusitis and Nasal Polyps

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Malik, he set me at ease with his relaxed but professional manner by which he easily explained the full details of my condition and due operation. He re-assured me prior to the procedure and he gave me a full detailed brief immediately afterwards. My recovery was full and speedy, and I have no doubt that this was down to his skill, knowledge and experience.

The work Mr Malik and his team at Blackpool Teaching Hospital provide is second to none. The professional manner and personal interest Mr Malik took in my procedure was not surprising to me as this is the third procedure Mr Malik has performed on myself, and he has shown the same interest all through my treatment. The treatments that Mr Malik has performed on me are Mastoid surgery, Middle ear reconstruction and lastly the fitting of a BAHA5 hearing aid. When Mr Malik moved health authorities, I asked for a referral to Blackpool so he could continue with my treatment. Even though this is nearly a 100mile round trip I feel it is worth the travelling to keep him as my consultant.

My overall treatment was all good. Dr Malik was very helpful & good with explaning all that was happening or going to happen. I am happy with the outcome of BAHA and am so glad that I went through with it. And it is great to know if there is any problem I can ring and will be dealt with.

Verified patient who underwent BAHA surgery
Verified patient who underwent Mastoid operation

Please accept this testimonial as token of my gratitude for your marvellous assistance & support during a very difficult time in my life. I have been suffering with a major ear infections since May 2013; so much so that following varying levels of misdiagnoses you were the only Doctor who was prepared to listen. I have the upmost faith & confidence in your ability as a Consultant to ensure that I am not only receiving the correct treatment now, but also the nature of the operation you performed & enabled me to live a fulfilling life once more. I will ever be indebted to your kind words & support & you are very much a credit to your profession. I would have no hesitation in contacting you in the future should I have any relapses.

The way Mr Malik was very professional and treated me with great care from the very start.

Verified patient who underwent nose surgery
Verified patient who underwent surgery for snoring

“I was referred by my GP to Dr Malik for my problematic and long term snoring. My snoring had been the cause for sleepless nights and dare I say a few words from my husband who was also suffering from sleep deprivation because of me. From my very first consultation with Mr Malik to my discharge from him, I have felt completely at ease. He explained the procedure in detail and most importantly has listened to my concerns and me. I cannot praise him and all the staff at the hospital enough. I now sleep extremely well; I do not snore and have a very happy husband too!! Thank you so much."